A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Dungeon of Deadly Despair is a game made primarily so that I could try out RPG Maker MV and also see if I could actually make a finished short RPG. As such, I have used default RTP graphics for almost everything, since making graphics seems to be the part of game making I tend to find most daunting. On the other hand, I did make my own soundtrack for it. The OST release can be found here

Downloads were updated (Windows version 1.2 and Mac version 1.1) to fix an issue where missing images caused a crash

Windows download zip contains executable packaged with Enigma Virtual Box following RPG Maker MV help's instructions on doing so. Unzip the zip file containing the executable somewhere and it should be able to run there


DoDD_win_v1_2.zip 117 MB
DoDD Mac_v1_1.zip 118 MB

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